I’m joining the Vintage Pattern Pledge for 2015

I enjoyed seeing what others have made last year for the Vintage Pattern Pledge, but I didn’t join due to my limited experience and based on how difficult is to get vintage patterns on this corner of the world. I always die of envy when I read other people’s stories just going to the thrift store or a vintage market and getting a hold of several vintage patterns and many times at a very affordable prices. For me the only option is buying online, with all what it adds to the total cost. I bought a couple of vintage patterns one or two years ago, but I found that stories are true, and the sizing didn’t have to do anything with what I expected. Both things were monstrously large, and I didn’t feel like making the alterations to make them wearable. Maybe at some other point in mi life.

But then, thanks to Andi, I heard of vintage reproductions, and almost by accident I saw that few of those patterns were available through Amazon Spain, so I said to myself, let’s join the Vintage Pattern Pledge this year. These are the patterns I bought. And BTW, one of them is also the one Andi is going to sew!

I’d like to thank Marie and Kerry for organizing this, and giving us the last push to some other chicken sewers like me. So here it goes,

During 2015, I, Elena from Elena Knits, will sew at least one vintage pattern or reproduction.

I know that this goal doesn’t sound very ambitious, but I don’t want to put too much unnecessary pressure on myself. I just want to try how this can go, and if it doesn’t go well, no regrets.

And you? Are you joining this year? Let’s play together.


  1. Gorgeous patterns! I have B5603 and B5748. I hacked the bodice of B5603, and was delighted with it! In fact, another version is planned. I couldn’t get the back of B5748 to fit, but have used the circle skirt pattern. Good luck with your vintage pledge, I shall look forward to seeing the results!

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