Completed: Bea Headband

I’ve knitted this piece last weekend. It was quite a fast knit and I used just 32 grams of Cascade 220, left from my Chuck sweater. I think the pattern was a bit pricey for an accessory, but result is quite cute. I used 4.5 mm needles and I could have gone a needle size down, since my moss stitch tend to be on the loose side. Something that was new to me was the use of slip stitches at the end of a row. I know that slip stitches are meant to give a smoother edge, but I always slipped them at the beginning of a row. I was not sure if there were any practical differences about doing it at the beginning or the end, and I asked Andi. Her answer is that it is the same, so it’s just a personal preference.

Both sides are knitted almost identical with the exception of the first stitch, and I was having troubles to distinguish one side from the other, so I used a marker to identify one of the sides. Apart from that, the straight section can be knitted completely mindlessly. I had to pay a bit more attention when increasing and decreasing, but those parts can be completed very fast.

I like the result, although I could make it slightly thinner next time. It’s quite cozy and keeps my ears warm, so I’m not sure it’s suitable for warmer weather, at least if it’s made of wool. Maybe switching to cotton can be a good idea for the summer months.

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