Completed: Chuck Sweater

I wanted to knit Chuck for a very long time and Andi’s Selfish Sweater Kal was the perfect occasion for it. I like Andi’s designs, and this sweater fitted perfectly into my plans for this year. I went for size XS, as usual with Untangling Knots and I used 4.5 mm knitting needles instead of the 5 mm the pattern asks for. I always knit Cascade 220 with 4.5 mm and I tend to be on the loose side, so I didn’t want to go up to 5 mm.

The cable motif┬áknits up easily and it adds a beautiful detail to an already elegant sweater. Cropped sweaters are nice to wear with skirts and dresses, something I was missing in my wardrobe. I’m wearing it here with my Cambie dress, which feels much better than last time I wore it. I’ve finally gained all the weight I lost in Spring and Summer, so this dress fits again like it was supposed from the beginning.

I normally go two sizes down for the ribbing because it tend to do it very loose, but as I couldn’t find my 3.5 mm needles (and most of my cables), I knit it with 3.75 mm. I think it was good though, otherwise the waist would have been a bit too tight. When casting off ribbing, I usually go to 4.5 mm needles again to make it more stretchy. Well, that didn’t work on the neckline just because of the shape it has. I felt just wrong. So I redid the cast off with my 3.75 mm needles. As it’s quite open, I don’t have problems to put the sweater on and off.

I knit everything as instructed except for the sleeves, where I have added an extra repeat to make them slightly longer. I’ve already stated in the past that I just don’t like three quarter sleeves, and if I’m cold, I feel it a lot in my wrists.

I like a lot the finished sweater, and I foresee a lot of wear when the weather starts to warm up a bit (it’s still freaking cold here). I may even make another dress this year to go with it.

Brooch: Desperate Beatnik.

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    1. Thank you! For me knitting is more a relaxing activity in front of the TV (or computer, for that matter), rather than something that I consciously do. Rows get knit almost mindlessly, and before I realize, I have a new sweater ­čÖé

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! It’s true that it’s a vibrant cheerful color. I think I look better in bright colors, and I love them to cheer me up in the middle of winter.

  1. Your Chuck is lovely. I’ve nearly finished the body of mine; I am also using Cascade 220 (it’s a bit darker red than your’s), and the dye is coming off onto my hands. I’m now a bit worried about wearing it over a dress in case the dye comes off on it too. Did you find that this happened to you? That’s a good idea about going down some needle sizes for the rib. I can’t remember if that is on the pattern, but I’m just about to start the bottom rib on mine, so thank you for the tip!

    1. Thank you, Lynee. I didn’t have any issues with this yarn or any other from Cascade. I had it with an orange-yellow malabrigo I used two years ago. My fingers looked like the ones of a smoker and the water when blocking it also came colored. I didn’t have any issue while wearing it, but I wore it mostly over dark tshirts, so I can’t be sure what could have happened over something light colored.

      The pattern doesn’t specify about changing needle sizes for ribbing or casting off, and I’ve done what I always do. I guess Andi leaves that to our personal preference.

  2. So gorgeous! Chuck has always been one of my favorite Andi patterns. It’s perfect for you, Elena. The cropped length and slightly retro look will work with so much of your wardrobe. I do the same thing with bottom ribbing, or I decrease a few stitches, evenly, as I transition to ribbing. Nothing worse than floppy ribbing.

    1. Thank you, Michelle! This sweater is really versatile, and it knits so fast that I just want to make more in other colors! And I agree with you, nothing worse than floppy ribbing.

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