Completed: Second Pair of Mens Trunks

Do you remember the pair of trunks I made last month for Koen? Well, they have become his favorites and he even gets them from the unfolded laundry to put them on, so I think he deserves more. I went to a local shop last week and bought two meters of this navy knit and I’m roughly aiming at making a pair a month. I’m saying roughly because I don’t want to impose crazy deadlines on something that is just my hobby. Some time ago I learned that stress should stay at work where it belongs, and my hobbies will only be where I shelter myself after a hard day at work.

Sorry for the wrinkled fabric and the light changes. Today we’re not having the most luminous of days and there were sudden changes of light due to the clouds and the wind (is it also freaking cold over there?).

There’s not much left to say about this pattern, just that I hope I’m going to get that crotch right one day, but making more of these should help me to reach this goal. I thought this one was going to be better than the previous, but I almost cut too much and I had to mend it on the wrong side by hand (ouch).

Sorry for so many photos, but I was having a fun time with Gerry. Aren’t his wings totally awesome? Look at those feathers! Then he wanted to play peek-a-boo while hiding inside the trunks. He loves doing the same with towels or skirts hanging on my mannequin.

The topstiching on the fly is done with a straight stitch this time instead of a zigzag. With the interfacing in place this part doesn’t stretch, so the zigzag makes no sense, and I have an unexplained aversion to exposed zigzag on knits. I still had to zigzag the waist to encase the elastic, but there are so many things you can’t do without a cover-stitch…

I put two snaps again from my stash, trying to find the ones that matched better but I’m not 100% happy with the color. They were the best though.

And this is the back, also wrinkled. The reason is that I finished them two days ago and they were piled with the previous ones (for comparing) on a chair. Yes, I hate folding clothes :/

And I leave you here a last photo of a headless Gerry. You do need to be a bird to have those postures! He could twist himself completely just to be able to bite a snap!


  1. I love Gerry!! He’s one funny boy! Have you ever tried the MakeMyPatterns trunks? They are more fitted than these, but they seem to be a hit!

    1. Thank you! It took me a while to find them since their old site doesn’t work. I’ve checked them out and they look nice but not my boyfriend’s style. He saw them and thinks he’d feel compressed in them. We are happy with the ones from Lekala, and they have become his favorites. He’s requesting more 😀

      BTW, I’m leaving here the link to the mentioned boxers pattern, just in case somebody wants to check them out:

      And just a curiosity, I’ve just discover that this designer is Belgian, like Koen. Small world!

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