I started writing this post in June of 2013, and then abandoned it. Thanks to Michelle and the Gilmore Girls KAL I decided to revive it.

I arrived late to many shows that I ended up enjoying a lot, like Desperate Housewives, the Gilmore Girls, Firefly , Downton Abbey and Broadchurch (ok, not so late for Broadchurch, I started watching it just after season 1 was over). Normally I don’t really pay attention to garments in shows but I’m acquiring more and more an experienced eye on the subject.

This cardigan appears at the end of season 4 and on episode 7 of season 5 if I remember well. I like the detail of the cables and the soft pink color. I’m not very convinced though about the general shape. It doesn’t have buttons, and the fronts hang at the sides in an unflattering way. It looks like it has some mohair or angora. I looked for a similar pattern in Ravelry and I found none. I’d love to design something like that one day but with an improved shape (and I need buttons on my cardigans).

In episode 4 of season 6, Rory is wearing a stunning dress for the baptism of Sookie’s children. It doesn’t seem like a difficult pattern: princess seams and a half circle skirt with gathers at the back. I like the detail of the black piping.


Coming back to the cardigan, I am not very sure of its construction. It seems to have raglan sleeves and the back has asymmetric cables. About the front, I can’t say a lot since I think we don’t get a good view of it.

Update: I think this pattern could be modified to make something like it.


  1. So glad I could inspire your post! Are you thinking of joining I on the Gilmore Girls KAL? Many knitters are just now beginning their projects, so you wouldn’t be behind at all.
    I missed that cardigan, somehow, when watching the show. I feel like my brain takes mental photos of most of the cool knits I see on GG. I’d love to see you design a version of it. Rory seems to have the best knits of all of the characters. I’m almost finished with the series now, and I’m so glad I tried it.

    1. I’m not sure if I’ll join the KAL since lately I’m a bit slow at everything. I’m currently working on a cardigan and have wool for three more. More or less the same about fabric. I’d like to use first the one I have and feel that I’m accomplishing something and not just accumulating patterns and material 😉

      About designing a similar cardigan, a bit the same. I’m not in the right frame of mind right now. I was a year and a half ago and maybe I’ll be in the future, but not now. Now I’m taking things slowly and try to avoid any pressure. My main goals are creating things while enjoying the process, finish things and get healthier.

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