Horror stories about needles

Some days ago Anneke mentioned that her father used to tell her horror stories about pins and needles. I guess we all were told similar stories in our childhood. My grandmother used to tell me that if I didn’t behave well a witch was going to come in the night to stick a needle to my brain until I dropped dead. I was a good girl, so the witch never came to perforate my brain.

But I also have a real terrifying story about needles. When I was around ten I was hand sewing a dress for my Barbie at my grandma’s, when I finished my thread and I needed to rethread my needle. I was alone in the living room and the needle fell from my hands. I think I was watching Falcon Crest. I went down on my knees to look for the needle and then I felt it. I sat on the floor resting my back on the sofa, lifted my jeans left leg and there you could see the needle butt getting into my flesh as I was straightening my leg. The needle had fell on the carpet with the sharp end upwards and got in my knee when I crouched looking for it. Long story short: They took me to the village doctor (my grandma lived in a village) and they couldn’t get it out. I was taken then to the closest city hospital and I underwent surgery. First they tried to remove the needle from where it entered (it’s where I have the big scar) and as they failed, then they entered from the other side (it’s where I have the small scar). Since then I’m terrified of needles on soft surfaces like carpets, couches or beds. I can be careless about pinsΒ  (I use the ones with the big colored head) but I always keep my needles neatly tucked inside a drawer. And by the way, I’m fine nowadays, I just feel the tendon where the needle got trapped when the weather is especially cold and humid.

What’s your horror story about pins and needles? Were you told scary tales about them when you were a child?


  1. After reading your story, I think I’m a little afraid of dropped needles now! I don’t have any personal stories about needles but my sister did once sew through her finger with a sewing machine. It hit bone and twisted around but she managed to remove it with pliers and her finger healed normally. But, I’m always thinking about her sewn finger when I use my machine and I keep my fingers out of the way!! πŸ™‚

    1. Ugh, I can’t imagine how painful it was for your sister. I’m glad that it healed well. It’s clear that we are working with dangerous stuff here πŸ˜‰

  2. what an horror stopry for real! and what a bad scar! actually no one ever told me stories on needles so it’s really cool to hear them! (not the fell on one for real, though!)besos!!!

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