Brooch Display DIY

We had some lazy days during the holidays, but I managed to do something I had in mind for a very long time. I love brooches, even though I seldom wear them in winter to avoid poking holes on the wind and water proof fabric of my winter coat. But now that the weather is finally improving them, I am wearing my brooches more and more. I used to keep them in a handmade jewelery box with necklaces and earrings, but now that I have more than a few, they are all cramped together and I never know which one to wear. So last weekend I worked on my brooch display.

I took a cheap Ikea frame and removed the glass. In its place I put a rectangle of fabric the same size as the frame. I used a piece of black cotton sateen left from my black circle skirt, but any other plain fabric would have worked.

I then assembled the frame back with the fabric instead of the glass. As the rectangle of fabric is larger than the glass, there will be some pieces poking out on the edges. You can tidy up and glue this, but I left it as it is and I pull these pieces from time to time to keep the fabric taut.

Just excuse the bad quality of the pictures. I made this in the evening and my phone camera doesn’t behave well in low light conditions. I didn’t get a better picture during the day because I hanged the frame between the two windows we have in our bedroom. I just hope you get the idea 😉

We didn’t do a lot more useful last weekend, but I managed to start my project for Spring for Cotton.

These three pictures are taken from my Instagram. Let’s be friends!


  1. I saw this on your instagram and thought it was a great idea. I don’t wear brooches, but I have found that displaying my necklaces encourages me to wear them much more. After seeing your brooch display, I got a couple of decorative ring holders. I had quit wearing my rings for a couple of hectic years, so I hope to remedy that.

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