Another Tiki Shirt

Many countries celebrate Easter Monday, but in Spain we celebrate this week Thursday and Friday. It makes for a very long weekend, and people tend to leave the city and visit other places. It’s also when Barswingona is usually celebrated. But we are having a staycation this year. It’s very difficult to travel with my dietary limitations, and Koen really needs a rest from work. He went out this morning with his bike to make some kilometers (it was 136 last time) and I stayed home with the birds, working on my blog and cutting a muslin. I enjoy staycations.

And I made it again. I think it’s already the 5th time I sew Gertie’s 40s Style Blouse, and there is not much new to say about it. Just that I’ve used the same fabric I did inΒ my last dress. Before making the dress I was torn between it and this blouse. I wanted to participate in the Vintage Pledge, and the design was very beautiful; but being realistic, when can I wear dresses like this nowadays? With my condition I can’t eat or drink out, and one of my medications makes me very sleepy in the evening, so leaving the house after 10 pm is unthinkable nowadays. But after checking the fabric against both patterns I realized that I had enough for both, so I decided to give me the pleasure of a nice dress and a very wearable blouse. And I still have like 75 cm left.

It really matches Gerry’s color, it’s comfortable and no mods except for skipping the pocket, as usual.

I’m wearing it with my Angel Bootcut Jeans. I was disappointed with these at first, but I’m wearing them almost daily. I think I urgently need another pair with some fitting modifications. And can you see how beautiful Gerry’s wings are?

We finally have the right weather for these blouses, no more hiding under heavy coats, yay!


  1. I love your blouse! I just finally traced out that pattern yesterday, and I hope to sew it up soon. I also love the action shots of Gerry. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Margo. This pattern is very gratifying because the blouse comes up quickly and the fit is very forgiving. I hope it goes well πŸ™‚

  2. Love you new blouse! Is your brooch a pineapple? It’s cute and highlights your blouse nicely πŸ™‚
    Happy Easter to you Elena!

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