PJ’s for Paula, the last project of 2015

My niece Paula has her birthday in mid December, so I always make something and give it to her during my Christmas visit. Sweaters and hoodies have been a real success, but this year I was in a rush due to our forthcoming move. I was about to pack my machines and had no time to struggle with my rebel sewing machine, so I went for the Peekaboo Alex & Anna Winter Pajamas, and I used some organic cotton that I had in my stash for any possible baby/kid present.

img_20151222_121851.jpgThe pictures are quite bad, but I had to use my phone since I had already packed my SLR. I took them in our bedroom, since our living room looked like a war camp zone.


The upper part had to be hemmed with a twin needle or a zig-zag stitch but my machine refused to cooperate. The technician who gave it back to me when it went for repair already told me that the pressure on the presser feet was too much (even on the lowest setting) and this caused the fabric to cram underneath. I substituted then this for a band, similar to the cuffs. I love my serger!


Changing the subject, today is a sad day. This morning the world learned that David Bowie has left us, even though his music will stay with us forever. You will be missed, David, there’s now a starman waiting in the sky.

And my favorite of all times:

Do you know the English TV series inspired in this song? It’s brilliant.


  1. Great gift. We were a bit saddened in our house about David Bowie. Couldn’t listen to any for a few days and then listened to a lot yesterday (and flight of the conchords ‘Bowie’s in space’, I’ll put a link). I did watch Ashes to Ashes, I like Keely Hawes. Did you see life on mars before that? I really like John Simm :o)

    1. It’s so sad that he’s gone, he could have given us so much more music. I did watch Life on Mars first, and I like both shows. Have you seen John Simm as the Master in Doctor Who? He does a superb job there 🙂

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