The boy who cried wolf and a helmet bag

These last weeks have been hard on us due to the move and everything around it. In our previous apartment we had ADSL, but since we had the option to get fiber in the new one, and at a reasonable price, we went for it. That meant changing companies to save some money but I had everything set up to get it installed on December 31st. That was just before we moved in, and it was the day the painters were doing their job. So I went to the new apartment and sat on a bucket of paint and waited. Two hours passed and there were no news from the technician who should have come to perform the installation. I called the company and the appointment appeared cancelled. Nobody could give me an explanation to why it was cancelled and why I was not notified about it. We made a new appointment for some days later. And then we entered an infinite loop which I decided to break. Four appointments were made and four were cancelled without notice, and two weeks passed during which we didn’t have internet access… and didn’t know for sure when we would get it. I decided then to cancel the contract and go for the company we already had in the past. It was a bit more expensive but at least we could get internet one day. I’ve been using my mobile internet for work and this whole situation was getting on my nerves.

We finally have internet, since the second company set up an appointment two days after we phoned them and they kept their part of the deal. After all these days I began to doubt from the technicians existence.

And I bring you here a quick project.

We had a 125 c.c. motorbike for a short while when we were living in Belgium. It’s the kind of bike that you’re allowed to ride with a car driving license. Koen used it often to go to work, and it took us to the Rockabilly Day on a couple of editions. That small motorbike was heavily loaded with our weight and all our stuff, including a tent.


I never rode a bike by myself, and I remember practicing a couple of times on a parking lot without much success. I felt too small and clumsy. After some time we sold the motorbike and moved to Spain, and the motorbike bug bit Koen again. He convinced me to attend classes with him and get the motorbike license. My first practical class was a complete failure and I promised myself to never do it again, but I went back and even though I’m not great at it I’m making quite some progress. As soon as I decided that I was going to persist on learning I wanted to make a helmet bag to avoid losing a glove (again) and to keep it tidy at home. I took the idea from here, but as I did not have a bag to make a pattern I used a big plate to trace it.

Then I cut a wide stripe making sure that the total width was enough to accommodate my helmet with certain ease.

The fabric is some left overs from a dress I made almost three years ago. It’s a quite stiff cotton or cotton blend that will be enough to hold my helmet’s weight.


I did French seams to keep it tidy and strong and finished it as a drawstring bag. I used eyelets or grommets and I installed them using this tutorial.


I used this bag already some times and I’m quite happy with. It serves its purpose and doesn’t look home made at all.


And now the birds will want helmet bags for them!


Total cost of the project: €9.50 (for the notions).

If you also want a helmet bag but you feel that you need a pattern, there’s this one on Etsy. And this is a lovely bag, maybe if I have more time in the future.


  1. I love your birdie helmet!! I think it’s cool you’re learning to ride. I’ve been thinking about going on a camping/ hiking trip alone this summer. It’s something I was raised to think unwise for a woman, but if I don’t do some of these things alone, I won’t be able to do them. My husband will be going on the big Boy Scout wilderness hike at Philmont ranch this summer with my son, so if I want a vacation I’ll have to go solo.
    I’ve seen lots of bears when hiking with my family, snakes, and even a mountain lion pretty close to us. It’s a big challenge to me to drive far away alone, then be out in the woods alone, too, but I think it will be good for me. You’re learning to ride seems like a similar challenge. Also, your bag is really cool. It makes me think of Motorcycle Mama by Bjork.

  2. I think this kind of challenges can be hard but they are good in the long run. I was not sure about learning how to ride but Koen encouraged me to do it. I like that he wants me to do things by myself and not depending on him, there are not a lot of men like that.

    I think you going solo would be an enriching experience, and nowadays there are not so many real differences between men and women, despite what some people want to think.

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