I’m not good for making New Year resolutions, but after seeing during the move all the unused fabric I have, it was urgent that I take action, or fabric will completely swallow us one night, birds included. I’m not going to set any strict goal but I will try to use fabric from my stash whenever it’s possible, and I will avoid purchasing new fabric unless it’s completely necessary. Since a lot of the fabric is in large pieces due to many projects dying just after fabric purchase I don’t think it will be hard, and I believe it will be liberating. I have good excuses for having so much untouched fabric, since the last two summers my sewing froze due to several circumstances.

The first stashbusting project was my helmet bag, and here I present you a very quick fleece hat. I just had two knitted hats, and I lost one of them at the beginning of December. The other I don’t like it so much because it’s a bit itchy. I have atopic skin so I’m very picky about yarns for hats. Because of that and how busy we were with the move, I couldn’t knit a new hat, even though I really needed one, since January was so cold that I used to get headaches just by walking five minutes outisde.

So I took the easy way and made a very quick fleece hat using this pattern.

I used some skull fleece from almost two years ago and a pink one from… like six years ago, when we were still living in Brussels and I was starting to crochet.

Funny fact: the day I finished this hat the weather started to warm up considerably, so much that I could never wear it apart from when I took these pictures. Oh, well, I have a new hat for next winter.

Total cost: €0.


  1. I love that this is reversible! I’ve often thought of knitting my dad a hat with a similar shape, but fleece lined so his bald head won’t itch when he’s walking or working outside. I’ve never added a lining to a knitted hat, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too big a stretch for me.
    I’m interested in what yarns you’ve found agreeable to your skin? In a warm climate, I’m trying to opt for non wool yarns more and more. I got some bamboo/nylon sock yarn recently for summer socks. But, then, we have short, warm winters.

  2. When I was living in Belgium and starting to craft I made two crochet hats with fleece lining for me and my boyfriend. They were not especially beautiful, but they were warm, ideal for the hard winters over there. I should try that one day again and see if I can improve the overall appearance.

    About yarns that I can stand on sensitive parts of my skin, some merinos are okay. Malabrigo is one of the best, and I should try Madelinetosh one day but it quite pricey.

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