Vintage Pledge


After the last year disaster due to my sewing break during summer, I’m convinced to do it better in 2016.

During 2016, I, Elena, pledge to tackle some vintage and reproduction patterns, trying to use fabrics from my stash.

There were two that I wanted to make last year, and I already have the fabric for them.


Last year I made the one on the left, now I will try to make at least one of the other two.

I have some pink merino that I wanted to use for a Lady Skater, but let’s be honest, I never wear dresses in winter, so this B6285 will be a much better use of the fabric:

I’m planning a shirtwaist dress too. I love Maria Denmark’s Edith Blouse so I’ll modify it attaching the Hawthorn skirt to it (the Edith Dress skirt doesn’t convince me). I also have the fabric.


Gerry, each time I see you it breaks my heart :'(

And one or two vintage blouses would also fit in my plans and would get a lot of wear.


And yes, I also have the fabric for them 🙂


  1. You have such lovely pattern plans, I’m still trying to decide what I should pledge. I was given a load of older patterns before christmas and I really should try a few of those as well as my repro vintage ones.

    1. Last year my pledge was more concrete and completely failed, so I decided to be more vague this time, and these are the patterns I’d like to make but I doubt that I’ll be able to sew all of them.

      Good luck with those old patterns, I’m sure you’ll find a gem there.

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