Warm Feet

There’s nothing I appreciate more in winter than having warm and dry feet. It’s the time of the year that I go back to thinking about hand knitted socks and regret having just a few pairs. After knitting a pair of Van Dyke socks for my mother, I new I needed a pair for my myself, and the Malabrigo Rios I had in my stash was very tempting.

I knitted them exactly like the ones for my mother, but adding an extra repeat on the leg portion, making a total of eleven, four of them just before the gusset.


They took a little longer than my mother’s pair just because we were moving and there was a lot to be done around the house.


I wore them a couple of times and they are very comfortable and extra soft, but the wool looks like it’s going to wear out quite quick and easily. It’s a pity because I usually have problems with itchy yarns on my feet, and this one felt wonderful.


Despite making the smallest size the socks have grown a little and there’s not much negative ease anymore, it could be that even after fixing my gauge issues, I still knit too loose.


I’m always careful, but somehow I screwed up the cuffs binding off, since they are tighter than usual and it takes me some effort to take these socks on and off, but at least I can do it 😉


And you, are you knitting socks this winter?


  1. These look great! I am so going to knit socks this winter. I’d like to knit a pair a month. I did a vanilla sock pattern for January and this month I’m trying slippers. I’d like to try Two at a time socks again and Flying North next. I feel like my socks always get a bit saggy after wear too. I’ll try using a US 0 needle on my next pair. If that doesn’t work I might reduce by a couple of stitches. Oh the woes of the loose knitter!

  2. The first pairs of socks I made still fit snug but I used far less stitches than average. I wanted to try to do it as I should and I find that they come out too large. Just if I could knit tighter without using smaller needles… Anyway, the worst of the cold is already gone here, so my motivation to knit socks is decreasing. One thing I learned to avoid stress is just knitting what I feel like at a specific moment.

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