Paula’s bathing suit

I’ve lived far from my family for the last… mmmh, let me think, for the last 7 years. New technologies help very much in these cases: phones to talk at any time, teamviewer to repair my mother’s laptop and Skype to see their faces and interact with them. Skype was especially useful to see my niece growing up. It was very comforting that she ended up associating the Skype ring tone to her auntie, and when I went there she even recognized me.

I missed that these last months. We went all together to the Canary Islands in March and them my mother fell very ill and she struggled for more than two months to get better. Then she had some business to attend at her hometown and time passed quickly. I think yesterday was the first time I saw her again after our trip to the islands. She grew up a lot and has the same naughty expression than my sister when she was her age. She is already three and a half and she’s such a smartass! 

I finished her bathing suit two days ago but I was quite busy to be able to blog about it. It’s incredible how much I can get done, and how lazy I can feel afterwards just to upload some pictures and type a text.

Here is my result of the bathing suit sew along. Pulling the elastic through the gap on the waist gave me some work, since my safety pins were too large. At the end I followed my mother’s advice and used a bobby pin with the end bent to be able to make it pass through the small gap.

I’ll give her the bathing suit in mid July, when we’ll be visiting my family there. And not only us. Koen’s parents have decided that it’s time to visit my hometown and meet my parents. They made reservations without asking us, with the intention of doing everything by themselves. In which language they intended to communicate with my family is a mystery to me. We finally managed to get vacations at work for those dates, so we can be there to make the presentations and help them not to get lost in translation.


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