Due to having come back just last Saturday and leaving again this weekend (this time for Belgium) it’s very difficult to accomplish anything. I’m back to the routine (work, sports) but I find very little time for knitting and sewing. The place is a complete mess (suitcases were partially unpacked for a couple of days, clothes just being washed) and I don’t find neither the time nor the place nor the peace for finishing my Londsdale dress or starting the camera bag or tracing the Jedediah pants or starting to use my newly acquired fabrics.

Arriving in Madrid sleep deprived (the only moments I had for myself were late at night) and starting to get up early and doing sports again is keeping me constantly tired. With that and all I’m trying to do at home these days, and thinking that next week I’ll be away again, I see how my wishes of making three or four garments a month will not become true. And then September will come and autumn and cooler days and then sewing dresses and blouses will make no sense.

With just one week that I could use to making garments, I suddenly find myself in a decluttering mood; and I spend my free time opening drawers, trying old clothes and sorting them as wearable and not wearable anymore. My body has changed since we arrived in Madrid, not only my hips, but my chest and shoulders have broadened. I blame Capoeira for this change. In a way it’s good because I feel much better and some curves I like though some others not so much (like my massive thighs). Anyway, I accept the change, and it comes in handy since I want to renovate my wardrobe with handmade clothes.