Completed: Second Reversible Zippy Hoodie

I made this Reversible Zippy Hoodie last year and it was a garment loved by everybody and worn to death. My niece Paula is still wearing it nowadays, but it’s clear that she needs now a larger size, so I thought this could be the perfect gift. The one of last year was size 4 and this is size 5.

I bought the two main fabrics from Plush Addict and also a violet ribbing, but I soon realized that it was not going to work. I combined again a cotton quilt and fleece. There were several nice cotton quilts but after preselecting three, my sister chose this one. Sadly, there were not so many options for fleece and I soon discovered that matching these two was not going to be easy. Luckily I found this white ribbing at Telaria, and everything went smoothly from then onwards. The white ribbing looks really nice but I can’t help thinking that it’s the worst color to use for the cuffs, especially if it’s for a little girl. The second day she was wearing this, the cuffs were already dirty with mud and chocolate.

I also used the white ribbing as a piping substitute for the hood front and pockets edges to make the transition smooth from one fabric to the other. I think it works beautifully. I did a much better work at matching prints than the last time. Now both fronts and pockets are correctly matched. For the pockets I used wash away quilt tape and I have to say that they didn’t move while sewing them on.

I’m normally against consumerism and I dislike the message “Minnie loves to shop” but there fleece fabrics that my niece would like, and having Minnie on it is a plus.

Taking pictures in winter is quite difficult due to light restrictions, but this time I decided to go out to our little terrace and I love the result. Just disregard the fallen leaves and dirt in general. I’m much better at keeping it clean and tidy during the warmer months.

About the pattern I have nothing new to say. It’s very well written and Amanda guides you on every step. The sewing of the cuffs is a little fiddly but the hoddie comes along nicely and once you turn everything right side out it feels like magic.

Apologies for the next picture, but it’s the only one of Paula wearing the hoodie (completely my fault, I was too lazy to take more pictures). She’s lost a tooth and is eating a sandwich while modeling the hoodie. It was quite cold those days over there, so she’s still wearing something else underneath.


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