Thoughts on Me-Made-May

I was yesterday reading the last post from Lauren and I felt like she was speaking out loud what I think almost everyday when I’m going to take the picture of my daily outfit. I was bugged because it seems I’m always wearing a uniform: my Angela Wolf Bootcut Jeans paired with whatever I feel like wearing that day. We haven’t had very warm days to wear my Lady Skater Dresses, and I fell out of love for my Thurlows. They are lovely pants, but they are not ME.

I work from home most of the days (like 99% of the year), and I just go out for a bit during my lunch break to go to the grocery store. Two evenings a week I also go to pilates class. And that, friends, is what I dress for. As you know I have a lovebird, and even though it doesn’t happen often, it’s not rare that some droppings may fall “accidentally” on me, so at home I’m just wearing whatever t-shirt I find in my drawer and some sweat pants or pajama bottoms. No fancy housedresses for me, I just hate the cooking smell on my clothes for going out.

And apart from that, I don’t have a very fancy life. I may go to the occasional Swing Party (let’s be honest, I haven’t done that in months), and during the pollen season I avoid going outside too much. I’ve always been more practical than anything with my clothes, and I am a bit of a rebel about dressing up. Whenever I see pictures in FB of my old classmates from school, I see woman close to their 40s. It’s the age we are, even you though can’t see it because I always looked younger and I always dressed like a teenager. I tried to dress up like the age I am but it just doesn’t feel me. I like sewing to make clothes I love to wear again and again, clothes that fit me better than RTW and are ultra comfortable to wear. I don’t want a closet full of handmade clothes that I don’t love nor wear. I LOVE my handmade jeans, and I wear them with pride as much as I want. If you get bored of my MMM pictures, just think that I’m not changing anything of what I’m doing the rest of the year: wearing handmade clothes that I love.

It’s just that I found a bit stressful the thought of trying to wear a completely different outfit everyday, and my mind is in more important things right now, like trying to heal and have a normal-lish life.