Two Lady Skaters from the past and some briefs from the future

My first Lady Skater dress was a complete success, but it was made with cheap jersey and the waist needed to be raised by 3 inches, so it’s was just natural that I had to make another one. This one was even better, and I loved the steampunk print.

I wore this dress to death during the warm months last year but I never came around to blog about it. A shame I may say.

This dress is ultra comfortable but at the same time it doesn’t make you feel underdressed. The A-line skirt is flattering even for pear shaped gals like me. The dress is meant to be shorter, but as I liked the length on my first, I lengthened the skirt by the 3 inches that I removed on the bodice. Perfect!

I loved this dress so much that I needed to make another one in a crazy print. Last summer I ordered this jersey online and cut the dress pieces. Then my health took a turn for the worse and this dress didn’t get sewn. Until now.

When I was sewing it last weekend I didn’t know how I came up to buy this crazy fabric, more appropriate for my 5-year old niece than for a grown up woman in her mid 30s. But I wore it today to run some errands and the injection of color made me feel awesome!

I need more Lady Skater dresses in my life, and I already already some fabric waiting.

Since I had some spare fabric and time I also made another Barrie Briefs. I wanted to test this pattern with a better fabric and I think this bands feel firmer than my previous. The other bands were made with a fabric that seemed to have elastane but it was donated by my sister years ago, so I cannot completely vouch for its composition. I still have to wear these new Briefs for a complete day if I can convince Gerry to let go of them. He sure wants a pair for himself!


  1. These are both lovely! I think the car print is brilliant, and if you like it – wear it. Who cares what anybody else thinks!!

  2. Both dresses are great! I love this style and hope to make some for my daughters. I am also going to buy the Barrie Briefs pattern so I can make them some briefs. Those are super cute.

  3. I’m so impressed by your sewing skills! How awesome it is to be able to make clothes, and what amazing clothes! I just love your matching pants! What a chic idea!

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