Not a lot has happened since the last time I wrote here. We started to pack CD’s, DVD’s and some of our books, but there’s still time a lot to be done ahead. The only remarkable thing is that I got the results from my yearly medical checkup, and my antibodies level (anti-thyroglobulin) went down from 12 to 3, so it’s now within normal levels. Well, it must be that at the end AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) works and my blood work and health vouches for it. Yay!

Lately I managed to complete two things that were in my to-do list. As you know, I dream of vintage frocks, but being realistic, since I mostly work from home and don’t have a very rich social life, what I need are lounge clothes. My lounge pants are all falling apart so this was quite urgent. It was either making a pair or going to the next shop, and well, I hate shopping.

I wanted to try this pattern since it was released, but summery garments caught my eye first and the Carolyn Pajamas got relegated to “maybe later”. Well, that later has finally come.

I used the same cotton flannel than for my Margot PJ’s and comparing them both I prefer this silhouette. It’s funny though that I’m modeling both pajama bottoms with the same t-shirt.

It has pockets, something I missed in my other PJ’s, they are easy and quick to sew and they are quite flattering taking into account that they are just pajamas. I just made the bottoms since it is what I really need to work from home, sleep, watch TV shows and play with the birds.

What I didn’t like from my Margot pajamas was the flair. The leg felt so loose that you could feel the draft coming from beneath. This may not be noticeable by everybody, but I get cold easily. This doesn’t happen with the Carolyn Pajamas. It also features a faux fly which I found useful to apply this to the next mens briefs I’m planning to make.

And AIP did not only help with my antibody levels but I also accidentally lost some weight and stabilized soon at 48 kg. Sadly many of my old handmade clothes don’t fit me anymore, but I like how the new ones fit. I’m still pear-shaped but less “peary”. I wanted to make another pair of Barrie Briefs, but I had to go down from size 3 to 2. I used to have a 98 cm hip, and it is 90 cm now. The rest didn’t change much.


I’ve already said that I like this underwear for the cold months which feels cozy and warm, since it has more coverage than the one I use to wear in summer. In case you don’t recognize it, I used some remnants from one of my Lady Skater dresses.


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