Second Carolyn Bottoms

Since I made my first pair of Carolyn pajama bottoms I’ve been living in them. I often work from home, and they became my daily uniform. It was frustrating waiting for them to be ready after the wash, so I needed to make a second pair.

I apologize for the pictures this time. I have light issues in my new sewing room that I expect to resolve soon, and this day my camera acted up and took darker than usual pictures.


For this one I lengthened the legs a bit, since my first pair was a bit short. This one came out perfect.


The best part of this pattern is the pockets. For this reason it beats most of the pajama patterns that I’ve seen around. Ah, and the fit!


Both pairs are made out of cotton flannel, but I’m planning lighter versions for the warm weather.


  1. Because all pajamas need pockets! Today I found $8 in my bathrobe pocket, lol.
    These look so comfy, but with a nice fit.

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