Another Lady Skater Dress and a new cardigan

During Me Made May, making the effort of wearing many different garments will teach you why you never wear some of them. But if you’re lazy like me, you’ll recognize a pattern and may even find your uniform. We are just over two thirds of the month, and I’m almost embarrassed when I realize that most of the time I’m either wearing either my Angela Wolf Bootcut Jeans or one of my Lady Skater Dresses. Going for one or the other it really depends on the weather. I’m just like that: practical, basic, boring. As we are having an unusual hot May (we almost reached 40ยบC – 100ยบF -) I’m heavily rotating my Lady Skaters. I thought of wearing once my Cambie Dress, but since I just go out to the grocery store (I work from home), I felt like I was going to be overdressed. I wore one my the Lady Skaters instead. Why? Because they are so easy and comfy to wear, almost like pajamas. But they are also very flattering, and the A-line skirt is ideal for pear shaped gals. Being made with knit fabric means that they won’t wrinkle, no ironing, and you can fold them to a very small size. And they are so easy to make. No interfacing, darts or zipper. Little pressing. It’s really a win win (no, Amanda hasn’t contacted me to write a post about the Lady Skater Dress).

So with all these reasons, it’s just natural that I was going to make at least another one. Let me introduce you to my new favorite dress.

I bought this fabric during my visit to Vigo around Christmas. I think I paid โ‚ฌ4 for a meter and a half, it’s what you get buying fabric by the kilo. It’s a stable knit that would have been much more expensive in different conditions. I didn’t know what I was going to make when I bought it but I also got the same fabric in purple tones for the same price. This May it was clear that this had to be a Lady Skater Dress.

I didn’t try matching the print, but I did try to place it carefully so that the result would be harmonious. The print is centered in the bodice and skirt in the same way. Even the sides look good. What I did was using a skirt piece to cut the other one.

I usually turn in the instructed inch (2.5 cm) for hemming, but here I reduced it to 1.5 cm, and I like this length a lot better. The bodice is shortened like my previous Lady Skater dresses and that length was added to the hem of the skirt.

It’s incredible how the fabric can transform this dress from casual to something more elegant. I usually pair my LKD with a belt but this one I like it just like this. Maybe a thin belt would be nice. Black or matching color with a cardigan.

Not sporting a belt here but you get the idea. This is the Marion Cardigan by Untangling Knots. I love Andi’s designs, and it seems this year I’m only knitting her sweaters.

I like how it looks from the back combined with this dress.

I knitted the smallest size with no mods this time, apart for including an extra buttonhole. It took me ages to finish it, part due to my own mistakes and forgetting to count, and part due to this little prick ๐Ÿ˜‰

And what are your current knitting/sewing plans? What’s your TNT pattern?


  1. I can see why you made another one! ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks great on you!

    I’m a uniform dresser as well, although most of my clothes are store bought. If I find a pant or shirt that I love, I’ll buy it in every color and then wear them to death. I’ve been teased a bit about it but it makes life easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This one is great, would be great in the purple too ;o) I find it difficult to find good knits, although I did buy a nice ‘petrol’ (teal) ponte last week, probably for twice as much as your fabric was, so I got enough for a long sleeved lady skater. I’ve only made it once before. I’m on the quest for a TNT knit top (long or short sleeved), so I’m hoping to try 2 or 3 different patterns over the next month. Must remember to compare them to my lady skater bodice!

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